Hi Kindy Families !

Hi ! I adore photographing children !   Capturing their personalities, smiles, joy and wonder of this beautiful stage in life is so much fun.  I take the time to converse with each child, play, watch them interact with their environment and capture moments in time that will be treasured for years to come.  We do our best to clean little faces, tidy hair, straighten clothing as well as gain rapport with each child so they are feeling happy and confident to have their pictures taken.  My aim is to provide photographs that document this absolutely incredible time in your child's younger years and all those amazing little expressions !

What happens on Photo Day ?

About 1-2 weeks before the sessions you will be given a flyer with with a QR code to scan. This will take you to the Red Cherry Website. 

CLICK ON " Pre-Register my child for photos, and then click on your centre.  Easy.  Fill out the form as directed.    You get to CHOOSE your child's photo day during our booking at your centre ! 

On the registration form it gives details on the days we are at your centre. We arrive around 8.30 am and are at the centre until about 11.30 am depending on when we finish the morning schedule.

If you do not wish for your child's photo to be taken please let your child's teacher/director know or alternatively contact trina@redcherryimages.com.au.

How much do photos cost ? 


* If you have pre-registered for photos you will have a selection of photos to choose from when Photo galleries are online ready to view and order. You will be notified via email and text when this occurs. Generally 5-7 working days after we finish at your centre.

You have the option to just purchase from single image packages, or, if you love more than 1 photo, there are options for multiple image purchases.  We love to offer a variety in your gallery so you can choose according to your budget.

  • Digital files alone are $25 each OR they are discounted with the more you purchase eg 5 digital files for $70.
  • Print Packages starting from a competitive $25
  • Group Photo Prints - $27 (discounted with package purchase) 
  • Keepsake album packages containing a mix of different images from your gallery in 5 x 7 inch Prints + matching digital files
  • Individual items such as photo gifts and al-a-carte prints, collage prints, wood blocks etc. 

The full list of pricing in more detail is shown on your centre's pre-registration page. 

How do I pay for photos ?

Kindergartens - For most kinder centres - there is NO upfront registration fee. Photos are taken first and if you pre-register you will have a variety of photos to view. If you do not pre-register prior to photo day - 1 photo only is taken of your child. 

Childcare centres from AUGUST 2020 will have a $25 deposit fee upfront for individual photos to be taken - this is then given as credit towards your photo purchase. Without the deposit fee paid - your child is not photographed individually. 

All photo packages are chosen online and paid for using a secure payment system using credit card. 

What if my child is away on their scheduled photo day ?

​We understand that sickness/unforseeable circumstances occur. As we are at the centre for usually more than 1-2 days there may be an opportunity to come in whilst we are still at the centre.  Please Contact Us to reschedule your child's photos during our time at your centre.  If we have finished our photo sessions at your centre we may be able to come back on 1 occasion only (depending on availability) and an upfront fee is required (with credit towards purchases) for your child to be photographed in this instance.​ 

What should I dress my child in ?

It’s important to note that the best photos are not always about fancy clothes but rather the best most interesting expression, laughter and joy. So just some nice clean clothes are really all that’s needed.​ If you have specific instructions - make sure you note it in your pre-registration form or let the class teacher know. We cannot retake photos without an additional fee if we are not aware of a clothing request. eg - Jumpers off for photos in winter . See below for some tips.

Do you take Sibling Photos ?

Yes, absolutely ! I love capturing the interactions and love between siblings. If you have older siblings NOT at the centre it’s best to come before 8.30am and I will fit them in nice and early (PLEASE CONTACT Trina to book this in).  Siblings at the centre can be photographed together at some point during the morning before 11.30am usually.​   SIBLING PHOTOS ARE TAKEN ON THE YOUNGEST CHILDS SCHEDULED PHOTO DAY

* .  PLEASE NOTE: We do not photograph siblings NOT enrolled at the centre that are younger than school age due to time constraints. Please arrange a family session on a weekend for this service. Our priority is to capture children registered at the centre plus possibly older school age children for sibling photos only.   

Do you photograph Friendship Photos ?

Yes, By Special Request only ! , This is a unique service to Red Cherry Images.  Due to privacy rulings, I need written permission from parents of both/all children in the friendship photo as photos are shown in both/all galleries of children in the friendship photo.  Please arrange this ahead of time to avoid disappointment. 

 Such a wonderful memory of their childhood years as many friendships are formed during this early stage in life.

What if my child does not want to be photographed/shy ?

As our service allows more time with each child this often gives the opportunity for your child to warm to us during the morning.   Sometimes a smile may not happen but a cute expression might – or we may capture them doing an activity they love.   For young nursery bubs - we do our very best to capture them whilst they are awake during the morning session.  If they are sleeping we come back to them at a later time slot in the morning of the session.

What if I have lost / deleted my email with the Password ?

No worries, just email trina@redcherryimages.com.au and let us know your child’s centre, class and FULL NAME and we will get back to you with a new one.

I am confused about how to order online ?

If you are having troubles accessing your child's online gallery or working out how to add items to the cart - there is a link at the top of your gallery to guide you through the process.  There is also a link to watch instructional videos on how to order certain packages including how to order a class photo.

Alternatively please email us for assistance rather than get frustrated with the process. A speedy reply is usually attended to ! 

Mobile devices may display the cart a little differently and are overall trickier to use when viewing a photo gallery with multiple images - so where possible please use a desktop/laptop computer to view - it also gives you a MUCH better view of the photos anyhow so it is my number ONE recommendation to ordering your photos to do so on a desktop laptop computer. Phones are great for most things- ordering photo packages - not so much ! So to make life easier for you - pop on to a bigger screen and your ordering experience will be much easier. 

How can I pay for my photo selections ?

Payment is done by credit card in the cart. The system will direct you to the secure payment page to pay via Credit Card.  

Direct bank deposit is also available - just select - Pay via Direct Deposit at checkout and it will guide you through the process of how to pay. If paying by direct deposit - please make sure you deposit the same day as the order - as cut off time for print orders do still apply. 

Cash payments are not accepted as ordering is done online. ​  Prices are INCLUSIVE of GST.

I purchased digital files but have not received them ?

Your digital images are sent automatically after purchaseto the email address that you logged on to the gallery with. Please ensure you have entered your email address information correctly and remember which email account you have used.  

Check your junk/spam/other mail ​folder as often they do end up there (particularly Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts).  

Please also note that some work computers will not download photo files so this perhaps may be the problem.  It is also advisable to download your images to your desktop/laptop computer as mobile devices may not have enough storage space for high resolution files (which are usually 6-10mb each).  If all else fails please contact trina@redcherryimages.com.au and I can assist with the process. 

Photos are only available in the system for about 1 year to download. So for this reason please make sure you download immediately after purchase and backup to a 2nd location to avoid loss of files. 

When is the closing date for print orders and what happens if I am late ordering ?

The due date is noted on your child's flyer, several reminder emails and SMS are sent out.

There is usually a 2 WEEK ORDERING PERIOD after the galleries open so please ensure you place your order by the due date. 

A postage/late fee of $15 applies for print orders placed after the due date - please ensure you do order by this date in order to avoid this fee.   Your prints are then sent to your home address. 

When will I receive my purchased Printed Images ?

Printed images are delivered complimentary to your child's centre on ONE occa​sion only if they are ordered by the DUE DATE. Lots of email communications are sent out to remind you to order PRINTS prior to the closing date to receive the free delivery. 

The due date is communicated in your details to view your gallery emails or via text message.  

 When are they delivered ?  Approximately 2-3 weeks after the PRINT CLOSING DATE -  photo packages are delivered to the centre for your collection

My out of state relatives would like to order Prints - can they be posted ?

Yes that is absolutely okay - but please be aware that postage will be charged according to location and amount of images as delivery is only complimentary to your child's centre.  The alternative is that you purchase them for your relatives and send yourself - or the best option is to order digital files to avoid the postage fees. ​



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