Kindergarten Graduation Photos

​​Graduation photos are scheduled for Late October/ early November.  We photograph prior to your Graduation ceremony and deliver ready to hand out at graduation.   

Packages are Pre-Purchased by families prior to being taken and are a little different to yearly portraits. 

Cap and Gown Portraits :  

Choose either:   1.  Background style Portrait with Cap and Gown  or   2.  Outdoor Natural Light Gown and Cap 

Graduating Class Photo: 

Choose from : 1. Choose from either Yearbook style (best headshot of each child in cap/gown) or 2.  

White Background Class Standing class photos ( Children photographed individually in front of white background and then special photoshop magic adds all children standing together. 

Cap & Gown Portraits

Children are photographed in a supplied Cap and Gown

2 Colour choices available -  1.  Black Gown + Black Cap   or. 2.  Light Blue gown (new for 2021) + Yellow Cap. 

OR  supply your own cap and gown/ sash etc  ​

Children photographed holding a rolled certificate or Graduation bear. 

Choose from either a outdoor style background (photographed outdoors) OR against a plain white or blue/grey background.   (as shown) 

"My Little Graduate plus year - Centre chooses if this is included.


Graduating Class Photo

2 Options

1.  Yearbook style 

Headshot of each graduating child in cap and gown. 

2   Standing Group Photo  

Done with photoshop magic ! Each child photographed individually and composited together.  

NB: Package prices are slightly higher for this 2nd option. ​

NB:  Only participating children with a package pre-purchased are included in the class photo. ​

example graduation class photo.jpg

Package Pricing For Graduation Photos

Purchase of Graduation Photo Packages are either Online (preferred) or via credit card envelope at centre. 

Families are given a flyer with a QR code to take them straight to the pre-purchase page to select a package. 

* Only children that have had a packaged purchased photographed on the day. 

Without purchase of a package the child is not included in the group photo.  

NB: Centres can elect to offer a class photo or NOT offer a Graduate Class Photo. 


1. Mini Graduate Package $30

  • 6 x 8 inch Individual Single Portrait Print
  • Class Photo Print or 8 x10 inch individual Grad Portrait 
  • NB: Add $5 to this package if the Standing Group Composite class photo is chosen

2. MAXI Graduate Package  $40. (Most Popular) 

  • (2) ​6 x 8 inch Single Portrait Prints + 6 x 4 inch plus 4 wallets
  • + Class Photo Print  or 8 x 10 inch Individual Grad Portrait
  • NB: Add $5 to this package if the Standing Group Composite class photo is chosen

3. SUPER Graduate Package $50

  • All that's in the Maxi Grad package inclusion PLUS
  • Digital File to download of Grad Portrait.
  • NB: Add $5 to this package if the Standing Group Composite class photo is chosen

Single Items

  • Graduate Class Photo on it's own - $25 Yearbook style /  $30 Standing composite group Photo style
  • Single 6 x 8 inc Graduate Portrait - $25
  • Plus other items - eg Keyring, Magnets, Personalised Print 

* NB - Above portrait packs BASED On Yearbook style Class photo option.   If the Standing Group Composite Graduate class photo option is chosen - $5 is added to each package.

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